Friday, September 26, 2014

The Struggles of a RM

Oh goodness. That is all I have to say about the past 2 months. Overwhelming, frustrating, and intense are just a few words to describe this time period. I guess I should also include joyful, wonderful and new! Life is such a new experience when you have just come home from a mission. Most friends are married or about to be, generally you end up switching schools or majors, your family has grown up and moved on, and you, well you are still in the exact same place you were except you are a totally different person. It is highly confusing! Finding your niche can be hard. In addition to that you expected to come home and still be "perfect." You think of course I will never struggle with scripture reading or prayer. I will still think church is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I will share the gospel 100 times a day! Or my personal thought, I will never fight with my family again! Unfortunately, reality sets in and with that so does the imperfection. This is probably the hardest part of being an RM.  Not being exactly who you want to be instantly.

I have been overwhelmed and reminded lately that that is exactly the point of life. To fail. Yup sounds a little sad and depressing but its true! If we were supposed to succeed, Christ would not be such a central part of our life. He actually wouldn't be necessary at all, but He is. He allows us to succeed, but it is only through Him. On a mission we get to see more of the perfection side of life. We are literal representatives of Him and have been set apart to be His disciple. It gives us more power and a greater perspective of who we are to be. Then we go home. We lose that power and direct purpose and that ideal life becomes just that. Our ideal and our dream. If we can attain the focus and consecration we have as a missionary then we can really be used as God's tools. Perhaps I simply struggle more then others but I do know that Christ is real and He will be there for us as we struggle through this faze of RM.
Here are just a few things that helped me!

  • You will miss your name tag and still try to introduce yourself by touching it... its ok... just accept it. 
  • Find a planner!! It will be your best friend!! 
  • Go to the temple... weekly if possible! It will make you feel like you are back out in the field.
  • Church can still be the promised land.. You just have to work harder. 
  • Scriptures Scriptures Scriptures... enough said
  • If you don't wake up at 6:30 and exercise immediately everyday it is ok! There is forgiveness in this life... 
  • God still loves you. You did it! Don't forget the accomplishment! 

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